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            中華工控網 > 工控新聞資訊 > DORIS、施耐德電氣、AVEVA攜手為油氣行業提供數字孿生技術

            DORIS, Schneider Electric, AVEVA Align to Deliver Oil and Gas Digital Twins

            DORIS Group, a global Engineering and Project Management company in the energy industry; Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation; and AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, have agreed to develop a strategic partnership to deliver Digital Twin technology for the upstream oil and gas markets. These new solutions will support the goals of oil & gas organizations to improve asset performance, increase sustainability, and maximize return on capital on projects.


            The three companies will combine offerings to bring engineering capabilities, an asset lifecycle software solution and digital specialization in order to create a fully formed digital twin to serve as a backbone for improving performance for the upstream sector. The new solution will:


            • Bring new assets on stream faster through the use of cloud-enabled software that improves collaboration and increases engineering efficiencies,
            • Deliver enhanced safety leading to better business outcomes,
            • Improve traceability through a single point of accountability, and
            • Enable remote operations and production assurance through a fully functional Living Digital Twin that mirrors all aspects of the operating asset.


            • 通過使用支持云的軟件加快新資產的投入使用,從而改善協作并提高工程效率,
            • 提供更強的安全性,從而帶來更好的商業成果,
            • 通過單點責任制提高可追溯性,以及
            • 通過功能全面的Living Digital Twin來實現遠程操作和生產保證,該功能可以反映運營資產的所有方面。

            Oil & gas owner operators have struggled to go digital due to the lack of a structured offering and orchestration as no single vendor currently delivers what is required to achieve this. Large amounts of data of various types, from different sources is another challenge they face, often leading to data inaccuracy and incompatibility, as well as difficulties in organizing that data and identifying trends.


            Similarly, the oil & gas sector is under considerable pressure to quantify, track, and reduce CO2 emissions–as well as reduce overall pollution. This can be even more difficult with limited monitoring, no established method, and no data-driven decision making.


            Together, DORIS, AVEVA, and Schneider Electric will offer a structured digital and collaborative solution across the lifecycle of projects that will help oil & gas owner operators address many of these challenges.


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