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            中華工控網 > 工控新聞資訊 > CLPA設立全球戰略顧問職位

            CLPA Establishes Global Strategic Advisor Role

            CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), which promotes the widespread usage of the CC-Link open industrial network family, is pleased to announce the creation of a global strategic advisor role and has recruited Mr. Thomas J. Burke to fill this position of critical importance to its future development.

            促進CC-Link開放工業網絡家族廣泛使用的CC-Link協會(CLPA)很高興地宣布設立一個全球戰略顧問的職務,并已聘請Thomas J. Burke博士擔任這一對其未來發展至關重要的職位。

            About Thomas J. Burke
            關于Thomas J. Burke

            Thomas J. Burke is the past president and executive director of the OPC Foundation. Thomas is the founding leader of the OPC Foundation, which is focused on delivering the best specifications, technology, process and certification necessary to achieve multi-vendor multiplatform secure reliable information integration across disparate devices and applications from the factory floor to the enterprise.

            Thomas J. Burke是OPC基金會的前任主席和執行董事。Thomas是OPC基金會的創始人,該基金會致力于提供最佳規范、技術、流程和認證,以實現從工廠到企業的不同設備和應用之間的多供應商多平臺安全可靠的信息集成。

            About CC-Link IE TSN
            關于CC-Link IE TSN

            CC-Link IE TSN combines the gigabit bandwidth of CC-Link IE with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) to meet future automation market demands, such as Industry 4.0. This provides flexible integration of Operational Technology (OT) and IT while further strengthening performance and functionality. A comprehensive portfolio of device development options is also ensuring that any vendor can easily add this technology to their product line-up. The aim is to improve efficiency and reduce time to market for Smart Factories utilizing the IIoT and the products they manufacture. As of April 2020, a year and a half after the announcement of the CC-Link IE TSN specifications, more than 100 partner products have been released or are under development.

            CC-Link IE TSN將CC-Link IE的千兆位帶寬與時間敏感網絡相融合,以滿足未來自動化市場的需求,如工業4.0。這提供了操作技術(OT)和信息技術(IT)的靈活集成,同時進一步增強了性能和功能。設備開發選項的全面組合也確保了任何供應商都可以輕松地將這項技術添加到他們的產品線中。目標是幫助智能工廠利用工業物聯網提高效率、縮短產品上市時間。截至2020年4月,在CC-Link IE TSN規范發布一年半后,已有100多種兼容產品發布或正在開發中。

            Global Strategic Advisor

            Thomas J Burke, in his role of global strategic advisor for CLPA, is primarily responsible for:

            • Increasing awareness and adoption of CC-Link IE TSN in the global marketplace,
            • Advising CLPA leadership on industry trends, standards and market strategy, 
            • Sustaining and increasing the number of CLPA partners from North America,
            • Facilitating collaboration with suppliers and end-users to maintain CLPA’s industry leading position and
            • Collaborating with other industry standards organizations, focusing on harmonization across industry-standard organizations.

            Thomas J Burke作為CLPA全球戰略顧問,主要負責:

            • 在全球市場上不斷提高對C-Link IE TSN網絡的認識和采用,
            • 就行業趨勢、標準和市場戰略向CLPA領導層提供建議,
            • 維持和增加北美CLPA合作伙伴的數量,
            • 促進與供應商和最終用戶的合作,以保持CLPA的行業領先地位,以及
            • 與其他行業標準組織合作,專注于跨行業標準組織的協調。

            By leveraging his unique assets and experiences from the OPC Foundation, Thomas will be the perfect fit to achieve the aim of CLPA global strategic advisor. He will work synergistically with the other CLPA branches to help companies across a wide range of different industries such as automotive, semiconductor, machine tools and food & beverage understand how the CLPA’s industry leading technologies clearly provide a way to increase their competitive advantage.  


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