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    Warehouse Automation Services Market to Double by 2025

    In a new report on the warehouse automation service market, research company Interact Analysis has revealed that soaring growth in the warehouse automation equipment market is causing parallel growth in the market for service contracts–worth $4.3bn in 2020 and projected to grow to $8.7bn by 2025.

    在一份關于倉庫自動化服務市場的新報告中,研究公司Interact Analysis披露,倉庫自動化設備市場的飛速增長正在帶來服務合同市場的平行增長--2020年價值43億美元,預計到2025年將增長到87億美元。


    Interact Analysis’s research predicts that the global market for servicing of installed automation equipment will see year-on-year double-digit growth up to 2025, when revenues will top $8.7bn. This will be a stable and lucrative market for OEMs and integrators, affording higher profit margins than equipment sales. Currently, a significant number of end-users carry out service and maintenance in-house or use a third party. And there are also customers who consider it cost-effective to leave their machinery un-serviced. Interact Analysis’s work shows that the growing complexity of equipment and rising pressure to avoid machinery down-time, will mean that OEMs and integrators will significantly grow their share of the services market in the next five years.

    Interact Analysis的研究預測,到2025年,全球已安裝的自動化設備的服務市場將出現逐年兩位數的增長,屆時收入將達到87億美元。對于原始設備制造商和集成商來說,這將是一個穩定和有利可圖的市場,提供了比設備銷售更高的利潤率。目前,大量的終端用戶在內部進行服務和維護,或使用第三方。也有一些客戶認為不對他們的機器進行維修是符合成本效益的。Interact Analysis的工作表明,設備的復雜性不斷增加,避免機器停工的壓力也在增加,這意味著原始設備制造商和集成商在未來五年內將大大增加其在服務市場的份額。

    The research shows that the potential revenue generated from offering a lifetime service contract to an automation project is roughly equivalent to the original cost of the project. So, in broad brush terms, a whole-life service contract could double the original revenue from the sale of the machinery. Furthermore, the research shows peaks and troughs in the service cycle, with the highs coming around the 5-, 10- and 15-year marks, corresponding to times when parts are likely to require replacement, and computers and control equipment to need upgrading.


    In 2020, on-site service in various incarnations - site visits to identify and repair problems, preventive maintenance visits, and the deployment by OEMs of technicians to sites on a full- or part-time basis – accounted for 40% of service revenues. Upgrade services (modernization or alteration of existing systems, not replacement) accounted for 22%, and remote services, where customers have telephone hotline access to support, 19%. That figure of 19% belies the fact that basic hotline service packages have a very high take-up among end-users, some 80-90%. Additionally, on-site services will become more prevalent as automation solutions get more sophisticated.     




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