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            中華工控網 > 工控新聞資訊 > 數字孿生聯盟宣布與AIoT用戶組達成合作

            Digital Twin Consortium Announces Liaison with AIoT User Group

            The Digital Twin Consortium and AIoT User Group have entered into a liaison agreement to create and develop digital twin enabling technologies. The goal is to accelerate the adoption and monetization of digital twins.


            Both have agreed to the following:

            · Aligning work in Digital Twin Consortium horizontal domains for adoption within vertical environments and use cases, proof of concepts, and programs
            · Making AI and IoT best practices available for digital twin practitioners through frameworks and trainings
            · Creation of open-source reference implementations and solution blueprints
            · Realizing interoperability by harmonizing technology components and other elements
            · Collaborating on standards requirements

            · 調整數字孿生聯盟水平領域的工作,以便在垂直環境和使用案例、概念驗證和計劃中采用;
            · 通過框架和培訓為數字孿生從業者提供人工智能和物聯網的最佳實踐;
            · 創建開源的參考實施方案和解決方案藍圖;
            · 通過協調技術組件和其他元素,實現互操作性;
            · 在標準要求方面進行合作。

            "We are excited about our collaboration with the AIoT User Group," said Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium. "AI and IoT are key enabling technologies for digital twins. AIoT User Group's network of AI and IoT practitioners, good practices, and framework for smart, connected products will be key as we work together to advance the use of digital twins."

            "我們對與AIoT用戶組的合作感到興奮,"數字孿生聯盟首席技術官Dan Isaacs說。"人工智能和物聯網是數字孿生的關鍵使能技術。AIoT用戶組的人工智能和物聯網從業者網絡、良好的實踐以及智能互聯產品的框架將是我們合作推進數字孿生使用的關鍵。"

            "Digital twins are the key design paradigm for any company dealing with the digitalization of physical products or equipment. AI and IoT are fundamental both in creating as well as utilizing Digital Twins," said Dirk Slama, Chairman of the AIoT User Group. "Being able to build on Digital Twin Consortium's strong digital twin foundation and partner network make them the perfect liaison for us."

            "數字孿生是任何從事物理產品或設備數字化公司的關鍵設計范式。人工智能和物聯網在創建以及利用數字孿生方面都是基礎,"AIoT用戶組主席Dirk Slama表示。“數字孿生聯盟具有強大的數字孿生基礎和合作伙伴網絡,讓他們成為我們的完美合作伙伴。"

            "In order to build really accurate digital twins, you need to combine the power of physics-simulation based approaches with data-analytics-AI based approaches," said Prith Banerjee, Digital Twin Consortium Steering Committee member and chief technology officer at Ansys. "This is why the AIoT User Group was formed and is a core part of the Digital Twin Consortium's observations.  I am delighted to represent this point of view in being a member of both the boards of AIoT User Group and Digital Twin Consortium."

            "為了建立真正準確的數字孿生,你需要將基于物理模擬的方法與基于數據分析的AI方法相結合,"數字孿生聯盟指導委員會成員、安世公司的首席技術官Prith Banerjee說。"這就是AIoT用戶組成立的原因,也是數字孿生聯盟洞察的一個核心部分。我很高興能代表這一觀點,成為AIoT用戶組和數字孿生聯盟的董事會成員。"

            Digital Twin Consortium and AIoT User Group will exchange information through regular consultations, seminars and more.


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