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            中华工控网 > 工控新闻资讯 > 全球首款支持TSN的嵌入式工业通信接口采用CC-Link IE TSN
            全球首款支持TSN的嵌入式工业通信接口采用CC-Link IE TSN

            World’s First Embedded Industrial Communication Interface Supporting TSN Uses CC-Link IE TSN
            全球首款支持TSN的嵌入式工业通信接口采用CC-Link IE TSN

            The CC-Link Partner Association’s (CLPA) partner, HMS Networks, announced the release of a new embedded development option for designers of industrial automation devices compatible with CC-Link IE TSN. HMS Networks’ Anybus CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN embedded communication interface provides a gigabit Ethernet connection and TSN functionality in one package. With CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN, device manufacturers and machine builders get a fast track to connecting their products to CC-Link IE TSN networks for future-proof applications.

            CC-Link协会(CLPA)合作伙伴HMS工业网络公司宣布推出一款新的嵌入式开发选项,面向兼容CC-Link IE TSN的工业自动化设备设计人员。HMS的Anybus CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN嵌入式通信接口在一个封装中提供千兆以太网连接和TSN功能。借助CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN,设备制造商和机器制造商可以快速将其产品连接到CC-Link IE TSN网络,以实现面向未来的应用。

            Benefits of TSN
            CC-Link IE TSN is the first open industrial network protocol to combine gigabit Ethernet bandwidth with TSN functionality, delivering the advances of network convergence. Using the new Anybus device, product developers now have increased options when it comes to designing products that can take advantage of these benefits. The device can easily be designed into new products, or provide a convenient upgrade path for companies already using Anybus interfaces.

            CC-Link IE TSN是第一个将千兆以太网带宽与TSN功能相结合的开放式工业网络协议,实现了网络融合的进步。使用新的Anybus设备,产品开发人员在设计能够利用这些优点的产品时,现在有了更多选择。该设备可以很容易地被设计到新产品中,或者为已经使用Anybus接口的公司提供一个方便的升级途径。

            Working with CLPA to ensure fast, reliable communication
            The CLPA supported HMS Networks in the development of Anybus CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN, which is a fully compatible TSN product supporting certification class B. The award-winning Anybus NP40 industrial network processor is at the core of the CompactCom, ensuring high performance by transferring up to 1420 bytes of process data in each direction and guaranteeing synchronization accuracy of 1 μs or less.

            CLPA全力支持HMS工业网络公司开发Anybus CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN,这是一款完全兼容TSN的产品,支持B级认证。屡获殊荣的Anybus NP40工业网络处理器是CompactCom的核心,通过在每个方向传输多达1420字节的过程数据来确保高性能,并保证1μs或更低的同步精度。

            Available in two formats
            As with all Anybus CompactCom 40 products, the CC-Link IE TSN interface is available in different formats, enabling customers to choose the form factor that suits their needs.

            与所有Anybus CompactCom 40产品一样,CC-Link IE TSN接口提供不同的形式,以满足客户的不同需求。

            Module: An all-in-one solution that enables the fastest time to market. It includes hardware, firmware, as well as connectors, and is available with or without housing.
            Brick: Hardware and firmware packaged in a very compact brick form factor. This is the best choice for applications with limited space, and if a specific connector or protection class is required.


            Quick installation
            To ensure a smooth installation, Anybus provides expertise and documentation such as example driver code and a generic configuration file (CSP+). The installation process is even more straightforward if customers have previously integrated another CompactCom product into their device or machine, as they can reuse their existing in-design work.


            A strong partnership
            “We have been working closely with the CLPA and are extremely happy to help expand the comprehensive CLPA development ecosystem with Anybus,” said Samuel Alexandersson, business line director, Anybus Embedded, at HMS Networks.“It shows our commitment to TSN and allows companies to start working with the exciting CC-Link IE TSN technology without having to develop a solution themselves.”

            HMS工业网络公司Anybus嵌入式业务线总监Samuel Alexandersson表示:“我们一直与CLPA密切合作,并且非常高兴能够通过Anybus帮助扩展全面的CLPA开发生态系统。这表明了我们对TSN的承诺,让业界开始使用令人兴奋的CC-Link IE TSN技术,无需自己开发解决方案。”

            Tom Burke, global strategic advisor at CLPA, commented, “We are thrilled that HMS Networks is continuing to support our open network technologies and equipped its latest Anybus CompactCom 40 with CC-Link IE TSN compatible communications. This is a state-of-the-art device that complements and expands the broad range of industrial automation products compatible with our leading technology. This latest achievement highlights the acceptance of CC-Link IE TSN as enabler for Industry 4.0 applications and it will support machine builders and end users in the creation of future-oriented, smart solutions that drive productivity, efficiency and ultimately competitiveness. We look forward to supporting the development of more CC-Link IE TSN certified components and their adoption.”

            CLPA全球战略顾问Tom Burke评论道:“我们很高兴HMS工业网络公司继续支持我们的开放网络技术,并为其最新的Anybus CompactCom 40增加CC-Link IE TSN兼容通信。这是一款最先进的设备,补充和扩展了与我们领先技术兼容的广泛工业自动化产品。这一最新成果凸显了CC-Link IE TSN 作为工业4.0应用推动者的接受度,它将支持机器制造商和最终用户创建面向未来的智能解决方案,以提高生产力和效率,并最终提高竞争力。我们期待并支持更多CC-Link IE TSN认证组件的开发和采用。”

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