A Day of Happiness

The Barcelona-based producer Cocolixe picks, cuts up, mixes and cooks a variety of ingredients (70's american soul, 60's french pop and old italian ballads) in an electro-pop frying pan to bring colour, brightness and sense to the day-to-day city life.

Released: 26th Sep 2011 By Cocolixe
License: by-nc-sa 3.0
Tags: Barcelona downtempo chillwave electro-pop
1300 Views / 60 Listeners

A Day of Happiness By Cocolixe
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28th Sep 2011 - Waverine
Nice minimalistic beat, but for me the track would sound better when it would have more swing (hihats etc.), which would increase happiness even more :) 0:56, bass jumps more to the right? Phased voice is a little too present i.m.o. Nice belly adds in the music! Sorry this comment might sound a bit critical.
29th Sep 2011 - Fature
I liked this one when I downloaded your EP a while ago. The drums are a little rigid but it's got a nice vibe and definitely poppy!
4th Oct 2011 - Hellscion
can't help but think it could use another layer or 2 of sounds. What's here is good, though. Not bad!

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