The Dub Krypt

This was going to be a label release but didn't really go anywhere, so here it is...

Artwork by Drew Costigan

01.Fature - Kryptolite
02.Fature - Kryptolite (Tony Dubshot Remix)
03.Leithal - BABYLON bad boy tester

Released: 3rd Nov 2011 By Various
License: by-nc-sa 3.0
Tags: dub leithal fature tony dubshot ep

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6th Nov 2011 - Waverine
01 - tough track, good melody, which 'sticks' into the head! the distorted organ works really well and the drum & bass section are very nice. 02 - not much different from the original, but the bass is pumped up, which works good. 03 - yes, more organ! nice deep sound and creation of dark atmosphere. perhaps a bit too long.
7th Nov 2011 - Babungus
Awwww thought this was cancelled, I had a track sitting here for it lol??!? Tony adds the Dub bass for sure! :p
12th Nov 2011 - Leithal
Could we have Dub Krypt....The basement of the Krypt...?
12th Nov 2011 - Leithal
@waverine. I think it's a bit long too BUT was thinking of remixing to make it even longer. An ambient dub epic with loads of strangeness for 30 or 40 mins.....but I'll probably never get round to it.
13th Nov 2011 - Waverine
@leithal, that's tooooo crazy! btw i forgot to mention that i like the artwork, nicely done by drawdrewdrown costigan! cheers, drawdedward

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