[FNet035] Pick 'n Remix Vol.1

The Faturenet Collective have been busy once again and this time they bring to you a selection of old and new, chopped up, remixed and polished for your enjoyment.
Side by side in unison like you've never heard before - Lots of melodies, beats, bits and tricks for you to enjoy in our very first Pick n Remix compilation.

Ambient Anonymous Thought Energy Remix Video

Compiled by Fature, Artwork by Waverine

01.ACL - One Night In Dubai
02.ACL - One Night In Dubai (Leithal Big Garage Remix)
03.Ambient Anonymous - Fire In The Minds Of Men 2012 Edit
04.Ambient Anonymous - Fire In The Minds Of Men (Azotic Remix)
05.Waverine - Heat
06.Waverine - Heat (Delcraft Interstellar Travel Mix)
07.Delcraft - Lord Of The Hells
08.Delcraft - Lord Of The Hells (Waverine Remix)
09.Fature - Thought Energy
10.Fature - Thought Energy (Ambient Anonymous Subcortical Remix)
11.Leithal - 2Drumts
12.Leithal - 2Drumts (Fature Remix)
13.Hellscion The Reflections Of Nightmares
14.Hellscion - The Reflections Of Nightmares (Incentive Remix)
15.Incentive - Apocryphal Idealism
16.Incentive - Apocryphal Idealism (Hellscion Remix)

Released: 15th Apr 2012 By Various
License: by-nc-sa 3.0
Tags: synthpop electronic house techno breakbeat future jazz experimental industrial
2332 Views / 17660 Listeners

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15th Apr 2012 - Pablo V
Individual preferences..: Fire In The Minds Of Men (Azotic Remix), 2Drumts, The Reflections Of Nightmares (Hellscion) and Apocryphal Idealism (Incentive). The bests for me.
Releasing all what you want.
15th Apr 2012 - Incentive
I think everything on here is great. In particular, I enjoyed ACL's opener ,AA's remix of Fature, and Leithal's 2Drumts. Some of these might be showing up in my podcasts in the coming weeks.
16th Apr 2012 - Hellscion
so many good tracks on this..
16th Apr 2012 - Illusion Of Presence
This is a really great set of tunes, I think all the artists worked well together, I very much enjoyed Delcraft's remix of Heat, as well as the original and Helliscon's tune and the remix by incentive. My fav of them all though has to be Azotic's FITMOM remix, although i'm probably a bit biased ;)
18th Apr 2012 - Leithal
AA's Fire In The Minds Of Men - Steampunk meets cyberpunk, haunting and oppressive.
Delcraft - Lord Of The Hells - A teaser where the electronics kick in nicely....ssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Fature - Thought Energy Love the abstract vocals
2Drumts Fature Remix - A real softening of the track. The first thing I've ever had re-mixed....!!
Incentive - Apocryphal Idealism - Never quite gets there but in a good way, A teasing track...
Overall. The tracks dovetail well into each other and create a coherent FNet album.
19th Apr 2012 - Fature
One of our best compilations I think. Loving every track!
20th Jun 2013 - Pablo V
I forgot to listen to the remix of incentive, and although not very nightmare, is very musical and I really like ... yet it's much better, thank you very much Incentive, thanks for your great music. :)
Releasing all what you want.

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